How To Extract More From Your List?…

I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say

that you’ve heard the following said somewhere on

your internet travels…

“The money is in the list”

I’d like to challenge that. No the money is NOT

in the list. It’s in the QUALITY of the list.

Anyone can build (and buy for that matter) a

large quantity of subscribers, but when it comes

to promoting a product, they produce some

appalling numbers.

No, the trick is not about how many subscribers

you can get, it’s what you DO with them that


One marketer could have 10,000 on his list but

get a 1% conversion when he sends out a promo

email. Another marketer could have just 1000 on

his list, but get a 20% conversion.

Who’s going to bring in the most bacon?

Not only does it cost you more to store those

leads, but your unsubscribe rates will be higher,

and you’ll be kicking yourself figuring out why

someone with less subscribers manages to bring in

more sales. Don’t be the one with that 1%

converting list!

List building is a system, however email

marketing is an art. What I’d like to share with

you today is the art of extracting the maximum

amount of cash from your existing mailing list

and thinking less about filling up your

auto-responder with dormant leads.

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