Old PLR Still Sells Today! – FREE Video Shows How!

No matter how many times you’ve been told that you need to “create your own products” to be successful online, there will be some people who will just not grasp the concept.

They either think it’s…

a) too hard

b) too time consuming

c) too expensive

d) not worth it

e) or some other excuse..

The truth is, you can still create your own products but without having to put in all the unnecessary hard work and time-consuming effort to produce the results I’m about to show you.

His name is John Thorn hill and he has been online since 1999, which is a long time in terms of internet marketing so he knows a thing or two when it comes launching new products from PLR content.

One of his sites (revealed in the video) generated$1971.97 in 7 days since its launch, with a peak of $728.83 in a single day and has also built a list of 246 buying customers.

And that was just in the first 7 days… those numbers will continue to grow!

In this 12 minute video he’ll reveal to you…

- A live example of how an old out-of-date product
was revamped in something completely new!

- Logging in live into one of his ClickBank accounts
to see the stats just for this product!

- The daily figures of when he launched the PLR product,
where it peaked, and how it will continue to grow!

- How and why he managed to get 100s of links pointing
back to my site after the initial launch.

- Why other PLR sellers continuously fail because they
forget one important rule.

And did I forget to mention, all this information is FREE in this need-to-see 12 minute video!

Click Here To Watch The Video Now!


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    How to Get Instant Commissions Through Affiliate Marketing

    Online marketing has become a popular alternative source of income, with affiliate marketing being considered one of the quickest and easiest ways to get some extra cash. However, while affiliate marketing may be profitable, the money may not come as quickly as you may want it to be. In fact, some online marketers have gotten disillusioned about the fact that the money gets into their account a month after they bring in the sale. After all, the reason why they signed up to be affiliates is so they can get supplementary income quickly. Thankfully, instant commissions can now be received through affiliate marketing.

    An instant commission is exactly what it sounds like: cash that you automatically get when you bring in sales to a vendor that you’re affiliated with. Now, you no longer have to wait for a month just so you can get your commission. Instead, the money will be sent directly into your account as soon as a customer purchases the product or service from the seller through your site. In order to give their affiliates their corresponding commissions, vendors use software programs to keep track of their sales coming from their affiliates.

    Like traditional affiliate site marketing, the amount of commissions you will get will depend on the vendor. For example, there are some that give 30% or 50% commissions to their affiliates for each sale they bring in. Others give 100% commission for every other sale made by their affiliates. It’s possible to earn hundreds of dollars by being an affiliate of these vendors, so you really will be able to make a lot of money, as a lot of people have already found out. Since there are several commission packages out there, it would do you well to do a bit of research first to find out which of these will be most profitable to you.

    For more information about getting instant commissions through affiliate marketing, please visit WPCommissions.com.

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      Understanding Affiliate Marketing and Instant Commissions

      Affiliate marketing is a practice in the marketing field wherein a retailer rewards affiliates for every customer or visitor brought as a potential customer for the retailer. All efforts at gaining a potential customer is the responsibility of an affiliate so you can say that a retailer is simply paying the affiliate for the effort that he’s given into getting customers for the retailer. The issue of payment though varies depending on the affiliate marketing program in effect. Some programs pay instant commissions via your PayPal account, while others require you to wait for weekly or monthly payments.

      With instant commission affiliate programs, payments alternate between the retailer and the affiliate, so you never have to wait for the ‘check in the mail’.

      It may also be possible for an affiliate marketing program to involve more than just the affiliate and the retailer, with affiliate management agencies coming into play. With the use of affiliate management agencies, the retailer needs only to work with the agency and the agency will be in charge of dealing with affiliates for the retailer. An affiliate marketing agency is quite the convenience to have if you’re a retailer but you may end up earning less compared to working directly with a retailer if you are an affiliate. An example affiliate management agency is Cj.com

      In many ways, affiliate marketing and internet marketing tactics overlap. Affiliates are free to use whatever methods they feel will work in order to promote a retailer. A lot of the methods that affiliates end up using are used by internet marketing as well that’s why overlaps happen. If you must compare the efforts of affiliates with that of internet marketers though, you can say that the former takes on a much lower profile in promoting a certain product or service offered by a retailer.

      Affiliate marketing is simple enough, so becoming an affiliate should be no trouble at all. The key is the right training, and knowing which products or services to promote in advance. Got a blog? That’s one of the ways by which you can take advantage of becoming an affiliate and start earning instant commissions.

      Action Step:

      Click here for a WordPress plugin that will help you earn instant commissions, I highly recommend it.

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        What is the Key to Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing?

        Affiliate marketing refers to the act of sharing revenues between online merchants and webmasters. In order to earn commissions, a website owner needs to post advertisements on his website and encourage potential customers to visit the affiliate merchants site. Compensation plans are usually based on website hits, site registrations, and volume of sales. Today, most entrepreneurs prefer affiliate marketing to other forms of business venture because of the valuable benefits it brings.

        Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

        One of the biggest benefits in becoming an affiliate is that you will never need to worry about creating and promoting your own products or services. This means that you do not need to conduct research and determine your target audience. Affiliate marketing will require you to deal with existing products so all you have to do is to promote them. Furthermore, it will open your doors to a work-from-home venture, which is very convenient if you are tired of keeping a regular eight-hour job. As a full-fledged affiliate marketer, you can also work at your own pace and earn as much money as you want.

        Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing

        Although plenty of benefits are associated with affiliate marketing, you will never succeed in this business venture if you do not have the right tools to get the job done. However, most online marketers have to handle different tasks at once so they usually consider outsourcing services to accomplish their goals within their target time. Even though outsourcing services seems like a plausible solution, you have to remember that this method also takes a lot of time.

        For this reason, experts consider automation as the key to earning instant commissions in no time. An automated plug-in is probably the perfect tool that affiliates could use. It helps them tap the potentials of multiple high-paying platforms with virtually no effort. So if you really want to become one of the most promising affiliate marketers of your time, you have to start looking for a tried and tested plug-in that will help you earn huge profits from any affiliate marketing program of your choice.

        Click here to learn how to earn hands-free instant commissions with the WPCommissions Plugin >>

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          Army Of Affiliates

          When you create a product online for sale you basically have two courses of action that you can follow.

          You can first of all look at doing all the promotion yourself and keep all the commissions for yourself, or you could get together an army of affiliates to do the work for you.

          If you want to get out of the trenches and command an army of affiliates you will make more money long term as you will have people promoting your site for you and when you leverage the power of other people like this and scale things up it can be very lucrative for you.

          The trouble is all your efforts may have gone into creating your product and now you have to go and find the affiliates. The following are some tips that will help you find these people and get them promoting for you.

          The first thing to do is to make sure your product is listed in a market place like Clickbank or PaydotCom where affiliates can get access to your product in order to promote it.

          You will then need to make sure that you have an affiliate page where you will have affiliate tools for them to use. Affiliates are far more likely to promote our product if you give them the tools straight up in order to do so. These tools will include things like graphics where they can put their affiliate links and reviews that they can post on their blogs. You could also look at giving them keywords they can use in their articles or adwords campaigns.

          If you want to gather a team of affiliates to help you with your product you will also need to go hunting for them and there are a variety of methods you can use to help you with this.

          Having the right affiliates on board though can literally mean the difference between success and failure online. While they are busy selling your product you will be able to go about creating new products and can be expanding your business.

          Watch the first video below to pick up some free tips on how to build your own army of affiliates:

          Click Here To Watch The First Video Now >>

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            AmazonS3 Plugin

            “You’re About To Learn Just How Easy it is To Embed Amazon S3 Hosted Videos on Your WordPress Website…”

            This ‘Point & Click’ WP Plugin Makes it Super Fast and Easy to Get Your Videos to Show Up On Your Blog Pages & Posts!”


            Dear Online Business Owner,

            Have you been avoiding using video for marketing and product creation because of the lack of choices for hosting and embedding video?

            It’s no surprise if you have. Many small business owners mistakenly think there are only two options: YouTube, where everything is public and you’re limited to 15 minutes, or self-hosted, where you have total control and a hefty hosting bill to match.

            I’m happy to tell you, now there is a better way to use video on your WordPress site without worrying about privacy issues or bandwidth bills.

            The Benefits of Video

            Before we talk about HOW you can use video, let’s consider WHY you want to use video. We all know blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site, but the truth is, not every visitor will spend the time to read your content, no matter how engaging it is. Some people simply prefer to browse sites that offer videos or other easy-to-consume content.

            Of course, there are other benefits as well. For example, some types of content are just better suited for video. Long, screenshot filled articles are easier to digest when presented as short instructional videos. Opt-in rates can improve with a personal message delivered via video. And that information product you keep meaning to produce? Video is the perfect solution for a user-friendly, inviting, and easy-to-consume product.

            Not only are all these formats just better suited to video than to text or even photos, video allows you to really let your creative juices flow. The free video-editing packages available today make it easier than ever to give your videos that professional look – without investing a lot of time or money. When you’re burned-out with blogging, shooting and editing a quick video can be a great way to keep the content flowing.

            But Where Do You Host Your Videos?

            While posting videos on your website or blog can be good for business and a lot of fun as well, there are some serious technological hurdles you’ll need to jump before you get started, beginning with where you’ll host your videos.

            arrow YouTube – Often the first thing that comes to mind, and not a bad choice if you’re just starting out, but for serious video use, you’ll need a more robust option that doesn’t limit
            video length and that allows you to control where and when the video is played. 

            arrow Your Hosting Plan – Hosting on your own server might seem like a good idea – there’s no length or size limit, but if your video goes viral, can your host handle it? 

            arrow Amazon S3 – Inexpensive, scalable, and capable of handing even the biggest of traffic surges. Not even a front page story on Digg is too much for Amazon.

            Here’s another little tidbit about your host, in case you’re still not convinced: That “unlimited” hosting plan is only unlimited until you go over your allotment.

            When you start hosting large files like videos you’ll very likely find yourself on the wrong side of a huge hosting bill. That’s if your host doesn’t just shut your site down and ask you to take your business elsewhere. Imagine the damage to your business should that happen in the middle of a big launch.

            What Does it Cost to Use Amazon S3?

            Well, I did a little comparison to show you exactly what you can expect to spend when hosting video on your own server versus hosting on Amazon.

            Standard storage on Amazon will cost you just $0.14 per GB, while on a popular reseller plan (remember, those unlimited plans really aren’t) that same storage will cost you $0.50 per GB.

            Not only that, but the reseller plan will cap your bandwidth, so just when you get the go-ahead for a big JV partnership, you’ll find your site offline – and your account closed. And you don’t even want to think about what happens when more than two or three people are trying to watch your videos at the same time.

            Much better to be prepared with a service that’s both inexpensive and powerful.

            Making WordPress Work with Amazon S3

            You can see that hosting videos on Amazon really is the best way to ensure your hosting bill remains reasonable and your site stays on line. But this option isn’t without its technical difficulties.

            checkWordPress prefers self-hosted video – So much so that you’ll even find a handy upload link right in your post editing screen. What’s clearly lacking, unfortunately, is a way to easily embed video hosted outside your domain.

            check Existing plugins are difficult to configure – If you’re not comfortable digging around in php or javascript, you may find it impossible to embed Amazon-hosted video on your WordPress blog. 

            check Bandwidth theft is a real issue – In order to embed Amazon-hosted video on your WordPress site, most existing plugins require you to make the video public – which allows unscrupulous webmasters to swipe your URL and embed your video on their site. They get your content, while you pay the bill.

            These problems and others are what keep bloggers and small business owners from using video to increase sales, grow their readership, and build a stronger, more stable business. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

            With this inexpensive, easy-to-use WordPress plugin, we’ve solved many of the issues bloggers and small business owners just like you have been facing. Now you can:

            • Host your videos inexpensively on Amazon’s powerful server network and never worry about bandwidth or outages again.
            • Protect your valuable content from theft.
            • Embed your Amazon-hosted video quickly and easily using a familiar point-and-click interface.
            • Choose your video format – Because this plugin is built using Flowplayer, a variety of formats are supported, including flash and MP4.

            This plugin even comes with its own user manual, so you’ll quickly discover how to:

            • Install and configure it to work with your site and your Amazon server.
            • Configure your Amazon settings to prevent bandwidth and content theft while still allowing legitimate viewers to enjoy your videos.
            • Embed a video on any post or page in just seconds.

            If you’ve ever considered using videos in your business – whether for training, how-to content, or just for fun, now is the time. With this incredible WordPress plugin, you can easily post video content to your website.

            Click Here To See The AmazonS3 Plugin that makes it easier than ever to use video for YOUR business >>

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              Audio Is A Powerful Business Tool – How To Use It Effectively

              Today I want to talk about another element of product creation that can make a serious impact on your sales figures. I’m talking here about the use of sound.

              When you are trying to sell to your prospect online the key thing that you will need to do is to engage with them and most people will do this with the use of a website and the copy that is on the site.

              This can work fine but if you are going down this road you are leaving out a big opportunity to connect more with your buyer and create more sales. With the use of audio on your website you can change all this and  connect more with your buyer. There are a number of reasons for this.

              Sounds that we hear are very powerful and can enter into the subjects mind and control what they do. If you doubt this just look at Paul Mc Kenna or any famous hypnotist and watch how they can control people by  simply talking to them. When you talk to your customers you influence their buying decision more as you will be talking to their sub conscious mind.

              People are fundamentally always looking for the easy, less painful option in life and if they can sit back and watch a sales page that has audio they will do this instead of reading through a long sales letter. The  combination of audio and text works best as this will give them something to listen to and to read before they make a buying decision.

              The trouble though with learning something new is that it can take time and effort and your schedule is probably pretty full up if you are involved in internet marketing. If you hire out the job to someone else it can  also cost you big time, which you don’t want to do before you have sold any product.

              Luckily though there is a solution where you can get the best of both worlds and get top class audio and integrated into your site without programming skills and without spending a fortune by following some simple cut  and paste steps.

              Click Here To Learn  How To Use the POWER of Audio For Your Business Now…

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                Want Affiliates Selling Your Product?

                Creating your own product and having it running live on your server is already a big achievement.

                But where many get thrown back is when they don’t see the sales coming in. They expect something magical to happen as if it should be selling itself.

                I know you don’t think like that, or else you wouldn’t be reading my posts would you? Just like any business, you need to recruit people to do the selling for you, i.e. affiliates and provide them with the best material to help sell your product.

                Having an army of affiliates in the trenches slogging away for you every day is one of the best ways to make money online. Like every army though, they will need the best weapons at their disposal when they go out into the field. The better the weapons that you arm them with, the more sales they will be able to bring for you.

                One of the best things that you can give your affiliates is quality banners that they can easily put on their blogs and websites to get more click-throughs. Banners are one of the best ways to make sales conversions; opt in conversions and sign ups. Even Google has been using them more recently and are realizing the power of the banner for getting more sales conversions and customers on board.

                If you have tried to put banners together yourself you will know by now that the cost of a decent quality banner can be high and who wants to go learning all the ins and outs of Photoshop when you could be creating new products and attracting new affiliates to sell them?

                The good news though is that if you can cut and paste and drag and drop, you are well on your way to making your own high quality banners that will stand out from the crowd and spread across websites making you money.

                With Easy Banner Creator you will be able can create your own high quality banners saving you a lot of time and effort.

                Click Here To See How Easy It Is With Easy Banner Creator At Your Fingertips >>

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                *FREE* 2Hr Webinar Reveals Secrets To Resell Rights – Must Watch!

                If you haven’t heard of the term ‘resell rights’ on your
                internet travels it’s either because

                a) you’re completely new online


                b) the thought of setting up a website and selling it
                online scares you!

                It’s nothing to be ashamed of – I know this because
                I couldn’t even understand what ‘resell rights’ meant
                let alone how to use them!

                Now today I just checked out Chris and Aaron’s
                ‘Setup My Resell Rights’ site.

                In A Rush? Click Here Now


                Just as the website name suggests, this site is
                dedicated entirely to setting up your resell rights
                products rather than having lying around on your
                hard drive collecting dust!

                You’ll learn how to…

                - set up a PayPal buy now button

                - set up auto-redirect after transactions

                - turn on auto-delivery in PayPal

                - edit your sales page (index.html)

                - edit your download/thank you page

                - set your pricing

                - upload to your server with FTP

                - understand the mini-site file structure

                and so much more..

                I was really impressed with the content
                which is why I had to post this for you

                Click Here To Get Started Now.

                P.S. You’ll have to hurry because I don’t
                know how much longer these videos will be

                P.P.S. I can assure you, once you’ve gone
                through the videos, you’ll never have
                to ask anyone about setting up and modifying
                a resell rights product ever again!


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                Last Chance To Enter The Webinar!

                If you read my previous posts you’ll be aware

                of how having the ability to create and modify

                resell rights products can make a world of

                difference to your online success!


                ‘Resell rights’ is nothing new, in fact,

                they’ve been around for a very long time, but

                finding a good quality products (ones that you

                stand a chance of making sales on) are very

                hard to find.


                You’ll either have to search the net for

                ages, pay a hefty premium, or create them

                from scratch. And then there’s the issue of

                setting them up to collect sales.


                Take a breather…


                You won’t need to do either because Aaron

                is providing a full 2hr video on setting up

                your products as well as providing a ready-

                to-go product – absolutely free!


                Click Here To Download Now



                P.S. This will be the last time you’ll hear

                from me regarding this course, but I really

                feel it’s important for you to know because

                it’s helped me take control of my business

                and given me direction which is why I’m

                telling you today!


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