Audio Is Powerful – Here’s How To Use It!

Today I want to talk about another element of

product creation that can make a serious impact

on your sales figures. I’m talking here about the

use of sound.


When you are trying to sell to your prospect

online the key thing that you will need to do is

to engage with them and most people will do this

with the use of a website and the copy that is on

the site.


This can work fine but if you are going down this

road you are leaving out a big opportunity to

connect more with your buyer and create more

sales. With the use of audio on your website you

can change all this and connect more with your

buyer. There are a number of reasons for this.


Sounds that we hear are very powerful and can

enter into the subjects mind and control what

they do. If you doubt this just look at Paul Mc

Kenna or any famous hypnotist and watch how they

can control people by simply talking to them.

When you talk to your customers you influence

their buying decision more as you will be talking

to their sub conscious mind.


People are fundamentally always looking for the

easy, less painful option in life and if they can

sit back and watch a sales page that has audio

they will do this instead of reading through a

long sales letter. The combination of audio and

text works best as this will give them something

to listen to and to read before they make a

buying decision.


The trouble though with learning something new is

that it can take time and effort and your

schedule is probably pretty full up if you are

involved in internet marketing. If you hire out

the job to someone else it can also cost you big

time, which you don’t want to do before you have

sold any product.


Luckily though there is a solution where you can

get the best of both worlds and get top class

audio and integrated into your site without

programming skills and without spending a fortune

by following some simple cut and paste steps.


Click Here To Learn  How To Use the POWER of Audio Now…

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How To Get Other People To Make Money For You

When you create a product online for sale you

basically have 2 courses of action that you can



You can first of all look at doing all the

promotion yourself and keep all the commissions

for yourself or you could get together an army of

affiliates to do the work for you.


If you want to get out of the trenches and

command an army of affiliates you will make more

money long term as you will have people promoting

your site for you and when you leverage the power

of other people like this and scale things up it

can be very lucrative for you {!firstname_fix}.


The trouble is all your efforts may have gone

into creating your product and now you have to go

and find the affiliates. The following are some

tips that will help you find these people and get

them promoting for you.


The first thing to do is to make sure your

product is listed in a market place like click

bank or pay dot come where affiliates can get

access to your product in order to promote it.

You will then need to make sure that you have an

affiliate page where you will have affiliate

tools for them to use.


Affiliates are far more likely to promote your

product if you give them the tools straight up in

order to do so. These tools will include things

like graphics where they can put their affiliate

links and reviews that they can post on their

blogs. You could also look at giving them

keywords they can use in their articles or ad

words campaigns.


If you want to gather a team of affiliates to

help you with your product you will also need to

go hunting for them and there are a variety of

methods you can use to help you with this. If

your product is in the IM sector there are a

number of sites out there where you can find JV

partners for your launch and if it’s in another

sector you can also find affiliates on a variety

of different forums and sites out there that will

promote for you.


The Trouble with creating products online though

is that time can be against you, especially if

you are doing everything yourself. Having the

right affiliates on board though can literally

mean the difference between success and failure

online. While they are busy selling your product

you will be able to go about creating new

products and can be expanding your business.


Watch the first video below to pick up some free

tips on how to build your own affiliate of



Click Here To Watch The First Video Now


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*FREE* MRR Business In A Box! – Instant Download

Have you ever wondered how some marketers seem to

be able to produce product after product and turn

a profit almost without breaking a sweat?…


Or how you can quickly take advantage of that

profitable niche you’ve just found?…


Creating a product from scratch takes time. If

you add in research and setting up the backend,

it can take anything from a week or two or even

more. If you outsource product development, it is

unlikely to be much faster.


It is also a LOT of work creating a product, and

to be honest with you, many

marketers have no idea where to start. Creating a

product can be a complex process that takes time

and effort.


But what if there was a way for you to create a

product almost instantly with very little work

and in some cases, with no work?


What if there was a way for you to profit from

other people’s effort for pennies on the dollar

compared to what it would cost you to hire them



What I’m about to give you will change your

perspective on resell rights products and will

open up your mind to new possibilities.


Now because you’re on my blog, I’ve convinced

Aaron to do me this ONE favour. This is a REAL

video training product that currently costs $27

but you’ll be able to get it for absolutely



Follow the link below and you’ll be redirected

straight to the download page. No sign-ups, no

special offers or anything else involved. Just

great content from a very generous guy.


Grab It Now While Its Still Available


P.S. Better still, he’s providing you with Master

Resell Rights to this product so you’ll have an

instant business-in-a-box! How cool is that?!

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5x Video Resell Rights Products In A Box Now Available!

When it comes to making money (online and

offline) there are two factors that are vitally

important. Time and effort.


Your time is valuable and you want to spend your

time doing what you’re good at. If you’re good at

closing JV deals, you do that, if you’re good at

creating sale page videos, you do that, if you’re

good at emailing your list you do that.


The big mistake is attempting to do everything

yourself. The last thing you want do for example

do is spend your precious time attempting to

design a mini-site header and get a B+ at best

when you could hire someone else to get it done

is half the time and give you A+ results.


The same applies with effort. Why attempt to do

something from scratch when someone has already

done the work for you. Don’t try to reinvent the

wheel when it’s easier to work with it.


Smart use of your time combined with clever use

of what’s already available is what will set you

apart from other marketers.


This is what today’s email is all about.


Aaron has just released a quality set of Resell

Rights video products which you can sell to the

end user.


In A Rush? Click Here Now


You’ll get access to 5 mini-site

businesses-in-a-box. Each come with their own

fully written sales page, ready-linking download

page, awesome graphics and a quality video series

teach beginners the basics of internet marketing

such as:


• How to set up their own membership • List

building • Article marketing • Social networking

• and creating affiliate programs


If you’ve ever bought any of Aaron’s resell

rights products before you’ll know that he spends

a lot of time making them look good and always

sell like hotcakes.


His new pack is no exception. You’ll be able to

download your business-in-a-box, add your name to

it, slap on your own PayPal button and then

promote to your own subscribers. It’s a great way

to bring in extra income and an even better way

to place you as the expert without having to

read/write or research any of the material

yourself… truly lazy if you ask me.. but hey,

that’s the name of the game. More money, less



So if you haven’t already done so, check out the

5 businesses-in-a-box and watch the sample videos

to really see what you’re getting:


Click Here To Check Them Out Now

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Old PLR From 2005 Still Sells Today! – FREE Video Shows How!

No matter how many times you’ve been told that

you need to “create your own products” to be

successful online, there will be some people who

will just not grasp the concept.


They either think it’s…


a) too hard

b) too time consuming

c) too expensive

d) not worth it

e) or some other excuse..


The truth is, you can still create your own

products but without having to put in all the

unnecessary hard work and time-consuming effort

to produce the results I’m about to show you.


His name is John Thornhill and he has been online

since 1999, which is a long time in terms of

internet marketing so he knows a thing or two when

it comes launching new products from PLR content.


One of his sites (revealed in the video) generated

$1971.97 in 7 days since its launch, with a peak

of $728.83 in a single day and has also built a

list of 246 buying customers.


And that was just in the first 7 days… those

numbers will continue to grow!


In this 12 minute video he’ll reveal to you…


- A live example of how an old out-of-date

product was revamped in something completely new!


- Logging in live into one of his ClickBank accounts

to see the stats just for this product!


- The daily figures of when he launched the PLR

product, where it peaked, and how it will

continue to grow!


- How and why he managed to get 100s of links

pointing back to my site after the initial launch.


- Why other PLR sellers continuously fail because

they forget one important rule.



And did I forget to mention, all this information

is FREE in this need-to-see 12 minute video!


Click Here To Watch The Video Now!


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How To Leverage Other People’s Time So You Can Grow

By now you’ll be aware of how much work is

involved when it comes to making money online.

There’s product creation, creating promotional

material for your affiliates, ensuring your site

is in working order, list-building, getting

traffic, link building and so much more.


And with all these important to-do tasks it can

be hard at times to focus on getting just ONE

simple task done. If you are feeling tired or

even a little bit burnt out let me assure you

that you’re not alone! There are many marketers

out there at the moment that are feeling the same

way including myself!


Here’s the thing though, there are basically two

ways to do business online. You can try to do

everything yourself or you can outsource your

activities and leverage the power of other people

in your endeavours.


If you decide to go with the second option here

you will be making more money in the long term

and the reason for this is simple. You are in

effect limited to what you can achieve online as

an individual but your ability to employ other

people and the results that they can achieve for

you is unlimited and that means that the limits

to which you can grow your business are unlimited.


When it comes to outsourcing your business

though, a lot of people find it difficult to find

the right people at the right price that you can

partner with to grow your business. Again you

have two choices here in that you can go it alone

and see how you get on with the freelancer sites

out there or you can take the lead from someone

who has outsourced most of their work and knows

about the many pitfalls that are involved in this



If you have made the decision to outsource your

business you will be aware that time is the most

valuable commodity that you have online so why

waste more time trying to figure out all the

pitfalls of outsourcing yourself.


If you want to learn how to start delegating work

to other people, free up your time, allow you to

focus on more important task – such as building

more websites and growing your business then this

new video series on outsourcing is going to help.


Click Here To Check Out The Video

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A Brand New Traffic Method You Need To Know About.

Let me ask you a question, are

you sick of all the old traffic generation

strategies being bandied about by all the gurus

out there while you are still trying to get

traffic to your site.


Things like article marketing, Face Book,

Twitter, YouTube, blogging, back-linking, and

social bookmarking. If so then you are not alone.


Sometimes my head spins from all the methods out

there and what’s worse is that all I want to get

is a result for my efforts fast. Don’t get me

wrong, the other forms of traffic generation

still work but I’m impatience by nature and I

want things done as fast as possible. As they say

time is money and when you’re waiting for traffic

to come to your website so you can start making

sales then the saying doesn’t hold much truer.


I have recently discovered a way to get traffic

that most internet marketers know nothing about.

This is essentially a way to get unlimited

traffic to your site and an unlimited amount of

inbound links to boost your rankings in Google.


This method is nothing to do with any of the

traffic methods mentioned above or any traffic

generation strategy you have heard of. It is

however the most powerful method I have

discovered for getting traffic to my sites and to

make more cash than I have in years.


Click Here For A Video Explaining The Entire System

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Automate Tedious Tasks With This 1 Software…

We all know how much potential is available in

Internet marketing. It’s a wide open field. But,

if you’re like most people, you probably find

yourself spending more time than you would like

handling all of those boring, routine tasks.

Handling email, checking stats, writing content,

getting your websites built. All of those things

that are so essential to successful marketing,

but really bog you down and make it difficult to

move on to other things. Or enjoy the fruits of

your labor.


No one signs up to spend that much time on their

computer. After all, that’s supposed to be one of

the benefits of running your own business,

harnessing the power of the Internet, right?

Being able to get more out of life, enjoy more

free time? The problem is; all of those mundane

tasks seem to take over until you’re spending

more time managing those than enjoying life.


The key is being able to put your business on

automated pilot so that all of those routine

tasks are handled for you.


Wait a minute, you might be thinking to yourself.

That sounds great, but you can’t really do that.

Can you?


The answer is, actually, yes you can. Computers

were designed to make life easier, right? So, why

is that we spend so much time acting as virtual

slaves to them? There has to be a better way and

now it has been discovered.


How would you like to be able to press a single

button and have your computer automatically

handle a task that would normally take you eight

hours to complete?




That is precisely what a new revolutionary

software program is able to do. Completely

customize all of those repetitive, boring tasks

that you are currently dedicating so much of your

timer to completing. Instead of playing with your

kids, hanging out with your friends, spending

quality time with your significant other; you

know, all of the things that make life



“Push-Button Lazy Marketer” puts you in control

of your time and how you spend it. If you value

your time and if you want to get more done in

less time, this is the one tool that you

absolutely cannot do without. Imagine being able

to create product reviews, handle emails, design

website templates, automatically perform quick

searches and all of those other tasks that take

up so much time, in just a few minutes instead of

spending hours on them. That’s the freedom you

get with the Push Button Lazy Marketer.


Click Here To Claim Yours

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How To INJECT More Traffic With PPC

If you’re desperate to get traffic fast and are

not afraid to spend a little doing so because you

know that you’ve got an excellent product that

people really want, then you may want to consider



PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is exactly as it

implies. You write a small text ad, choose the

keywords you want your ad to be display for, and

then have it displayed on the search results of

sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.


These PPC networks allow you to track your

campaign performance as well so when you generate

a conversion – either a sale or a sign-up you’ll

know exactly how much it cost you to acquire that



How is that useful?… Well if you have a product

selling for $100 and it cost you $50 in clicks to

generate that sale, you know that for every $50

you spend, you’ll receive $100 back. Nice deal

isn’t it :)


When done correctly you’ll be able to scale up

your business faster, and send in more traffic

from more paid sources and this is just one of

many way some marketers make a living online.


However PPC is tricky and if you don’t keep an

eye on your campaigns you can wind up losing a

lot of money and there are a number of elements

that you must get right if this traffic method is

to work for you.


One of the key things you will need to pay

attention to is where your ad gets placed or

where it gets ranked. Even if you have the best

crafted ad in the world all your efforts can go

to waste if it doesn’t get ranked well.


The ranking of your ad will ultimately depend on

how much you are paying per click and your

quality score. Ultimately your quality score will

depend upon things like the historical click

through rate of the ad, the click through rate of

the display URLs and the performance

geographically of ads in the area, among other



Ultimately your control over the situation will

depend upon you making sure that your ad has as

much relevance as possible in it’s key wording,

geographical location and anywhere else you can

demonstrate this to Google.


PPC can be a wonderful traffic method but like

every other method of driving traffic there can

be a steep learning curve involved. If you would

like to skip the pain involved with failed

campaigns, Google slaps and wasted money, I have

discovered a way to get thousands of visitors to

your site through PPC that won’t break the bank.

This method is simple, fast and effective and you

can be up and running in minutes from now.


What I’ve got for you is a 14-part video series

entirely on the subject which will make you more

proficient in getting traffic. You can watch the

first video below:


Click Here To Watch The First Video

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“I Need Traffic – What Do I Do?”

If you have put in the time and effort into

creating your product you will need to make sure

that you maximize your efforts online by making

sure that you are getting traffic to your offer.


Getting traffic is one of the things that

beginner’s leave to last because they a) find it

easy to work on their website and get from basic

HTML done or b) have already tried to do a few

things but saw little or no effects and gave up.


What you need to understand is that there are

many traffic generation strategies out there at

the moment that can help you get those valuable

customers to your site but few are more powerful

then constructing articles on Web 2.0 social

networks like Squidoo!


The great thing about Web 2.0 properties like

Squidoo, Hub Pages etc is that they already have

a high pr ranking with Google so it’s easy for

you to get on the front page of Google for

whatever keywords you are trying to rank for.


Getting your Squidoo lens seen online starts with

doing the right keyword research and finding a

main keyword and associated or lsi keywords to

rank for. I usually check on Google and see if

there is a squidoo lens ranking there already on

the front page as I believe Google likes variety

and is more likely to rank your lens on the front

page is there is not one there already.


I would also put the keyword you want to rank for

in quotes and scroll right to the end to get the

true number of competition pages for those

keywords. You can place your main and LSI

keywords in the keyword section while you are

constructing your lens to maximise the chance of

it being seen online. To give your lens extra

juice with Google you should use pingoat to ping

it when finished and you should also social

bookmark the lens.


These steps above will give you a good grounding

in how to get started with your Squidoo lenses

but if you want to save yourself time and money

and you want to avoid the mistakes that most

marketers make then there’s a full video course

entirely dedicated to this subject to help you.


Click Here To Check It Out

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